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baseball caps for babies and toddlers

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5 panel hats for kids

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Lil'Boo is a new Danish hat brand for infants, babies, toddlers and young kids. You'll find snapbacks, 5 panels and baseball caps. We have been utterly devoted to the creation of cool and unique hats for littles.

We have strived to optimise every single detail - making our hats both practical and comfortable. Our sweatbands are made from a superior soft milk protein to ensure the very best comfort - making our kids caps are both delicate and durable.

Check out the features below to see more about how we have designed our caps with the utmost comfort and safety in mind.


Top button

We have removed the top button on small caps (size XS and S) - to avoid small parts being stuck in unwanted places!


We have only used designs that offer incredible flexibility. As an example, our snapback pictured here has an A-Frame design with more give at the front from a traditional snapback cap.


To ensure supreme softness and flexibility, we have used 3 fabric thicknesses. Our XS uses the thinnest and most lightweight fabric. Our M and L use a slightly thicker fabric to ensure durability - and our S uses a fabric in-between to hit that perfect sweet-spot.


All XS and S sweatbands use a super squishy fabric called QMilch; made from a milk protein. M and L caps use 100% cotton. We’ve ensured those tiny heads are as comfortable as possible.


All XS and S caps use Velcro clasps to ensure ultimate comfort. M and L caps differ according to design.


Snapbacks and 5-panel caps use stylish square brims that offer a wider surface area to protect your little against the sun. Baseball caps have a traditional low profile brim.